Soliloquy: Beyond Town Limits - Imperfect Lives, Empowered Choices by Dene Hellman & Ann O'Dell


Stories for Women, By Women

Stories for Women, By Women

Stories for Women, By WomenStories for Women, By WomenStories for Women, By Women

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Mother, (Dene Hellman) and daughter (Ann O’Dell),  tell the tales of all women and draw upon their lifetime of laughter, tears, insight, and remorse.

SOLILOQUY: BEYOND TOWN LIMITS: Imperfect Lives, empowered choices * resilient Midwest Women

 From sisters dancing in an art festival in search of the perfect garden bench to Frienemies speckled with pigeon shit, "Soliloquy: Beyond Town Limits" progresses through the hidden realms of child molesting, and animal hoarding. We coast the Midwest backroads through every mom's nightmare of a lost child, and the drama of "fifty shades of ordinary." A verbal nightcap awaits the reader at the end of the book with two lesbians and a cat, and a psychic in a red neck town review: "Soliloquy: Beyond Town Limits"

" I recommend this book to every lover of short stories, mainly but not exclusively women. Hellman and O’Dell have given us an excellent piece of literature, and I will keep my copy among my favorite books. If you, too, like books where details are as precious as the message, then Soliloquy is the right read for you! "    fmd1821

Book Trailer: Soliloquy: Beyond Town Limiits

  A farm holds hidden horrors for a child. Rachel listened to the sound of the cicadas, the warnings from country grannies. "Beware of the Corn." 

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