Soliloquy: Beyond Town Limits - Imperfect Lives, Empowered Choices by Dene Hellman & Ann O'Dell

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Mother, (Dene Hellman) and daughter (Ann O’Dell),  tell the tales of all women and draw upon their lifetime of laughter, tears, insight, and remorse.

SOLILOQUY: BEYOND TOWN LIMITS: Imperfect Lives, empowered choices * resilient Midwest Women

 Soliloquy, Beyond Town Limits is a collection of short stories about empowered Midwest women.  It is also about women who have gone through tough times, touching on themes of childhood, family, pregnancy, living with substance abuse, divorce, aging, and being psychic in a Midwest town.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  How we move onward may not always meet the approval of advice columnists; self-sabotage can be a learning tool, and tough times make cmpelling  stories.

Mother-Daughter Author Team DENE HELLMAN & ANN O'DELL

The authors, a mother (Dene Hellman) who has reached a ripe old feminist age, and a daughter (Ann O'Dell), a free-spirited adventurer, draw upon their lifetime of laughter, tears, and insight.  They are you, your sister, your mom, Grandmother or crazy friend.   Family,  friendship, the traumas of the young, and the resignation of old age – all find voices in the stories of this book.  

Book Trailer: Soliloquy: Beyond Town Limiits

  A farm holds hidden horrors for a child. Rachel listened to the sound of the cicadas, the warnings from country grannies. "Beware of the Corn." 

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